I admit it. I was not very good at getting my library books back on time. In fact, I'm pretty sure I returned a book to the library once, about 7 years late. Fortunately, I wasn't thrown in jail. But this guy was.

A Texas guy named Jory Enck checked out a GED study guide back in 2010 and didn't respond when the library contacted him about getting the book back. Lucky for Jory, he was released on bond and he still had the library book. He returned it the next day.

According to an ordinance where he's from, these types of arrests are okay. Anyone who's had an overdue book checked out for at least 90 days and has not responded to the library's attempts to get it back could eventually be arrested on an "overdue library materials warrant."  And you don't want that on your record next time you apply for a job!

I got away with it the last time, but I won't do it again. I promise.