Everyone has their nose in their phone all of the time. Happens daily. You're trying to talk to someone and you realize they aren't paying any attention to you because they're so engrossed in their phone. Well, there's a new study that says giving up your phone makes you better. 

Research shows that if we give up our phones for just one night per week, we can actually improve our job performance.

The study was done by Harvard Business School and they banned 14 hundred management professionals and consultants of Boston Consulting Group from monitoring their work phones after 6pm once a week. They called it "PTO" or Predictable Time Off and they ran the experiment for three years.

Over the three years, almost two thirds of those employees who embraced the study said that they were actually excited to start work in the morning compared with just over one fourth of employees  who didn't take the PTO. When asked if they were satisfied with their jobs, 78 percent of those who took the PTO said that yes, they were satisfied compared with those who didn't take the PTO.

The study found that those employees who turned their phones off got to spend more time with their families and made plans for their social lives instead of endlessly canceling them or not even bothering to make them at all.

Would you try this and ignore your phone one night per week? If yes, which day would you pick to turn the phone off?