Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Pack the umbrella this morning and dress a little warmer (highs only going to reach 57 with a low tonight around 41).  We started off the morning with St. Cloud Rox tickets (Heidi from Sartell picked up a pair to the 'home opener' on the 31st).  Don't worry we have plenty more where those came from :)

Our 'Question of the Day' this morning is getting tons of responses (both online and by your great calls to the studio). Seems we don't have a problem getting you to tell us where the most annoying place is to bring your purse or wallet lol **PS The Beach is in the lead so far.  Dancing with the Stars crowned a new champ last night for season 15 (country star Kellie Pickler) and The Voice lost two more contestants (Kris and Josiah).

There's a new stupid trend making the rounds 'Cat Bearding' **picture below to give you an idea how crazy this is.

'Cat Beard' (Facebook)

Pat Robertson of the 700 Club had some crazy things to say about the recent tornado in Oklahoma. He's been giving some terrible advice to his audience lately and we've had a field day with his sound bites.

Song Pop Radio was fun this morning!  Seemed to stump a lot you :) Our category was 'Famous Oklahoman s.'  Sheri finally got it right with the help from her co worker!  The three songs were 'Don't Stop Believin', 'Before He Cheats' and 'Good Life.'

Moms & Dads be careful...a recent survey found that your kids know all your passwords and even know your credit card number by heart.  They say we make the passwords for our phones, computers and tablets way to easy.  Jen recommended taking a cue from her friend and using words like 'brown stapler' or random things in site that particular day your resetting your password.

In the 'Junk Drawer' this morning Jen posted '8 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume.'  Its pretty incredible that so many resumes are such a turn off to potential employers.

We caught up with actor Charlie Barnett from NBC's Chicago Fire this morning.  He said there's tons of cliff hangers in tonight's season one finale.  He also said his 'single status' and zip code have changed since we last chatted.  He's now dating someone outside the business and living in Chicago while filming the show.  Charlie said we don't have to wait long to see him back on the small screen!  The Chicago Fire spin off 'Chicago PD' will be out soon.

So whats up with Peter and Gabbie on the show?

Charlie Barnett (NBC Promo)