Hello muscles! In tonight's Hollywood Buzz I talked about Lady Gaga's workout secrets. Now granted this woman has enough money to hire a personal chef and trainer, it shows that hard work does pay off. Now only if motivation came in a bottle.

Gaga's trainer, Harley Pasternak, says he worked with her five days a week to get into 'tour' shape. Before Gaga had very little muscle tone; she was thin, but no real definition. If you have seen Gaga on tour or even on the TV performing, you know how skimpy her outfits are. Gaga wanted the best abs ever! Now you can get her abs too!

Here is what Pasternak did to get Gaga into shape!

To wear those ab bearing costumes, Lady Gaga did six sets of 20 bicycle crunches.
For her butt, Lady Gaga does six sets of 20 skater lunges.
To tone her thighs, Gaga does six sets of 20 reverse lunges holding a 10-pound weight.
For arms, Lady Gaga does six sets each of 20 overhead dumbbell triceps extensions and lateral dumbbell raises.

Seems pretty simple right?! Easier said than done! If you are a fitness machine, I am personally very jealous. I have to constantly remind myself that I won't be a size 6 in a month, its takes hard work and dedication! If you have any fitness tips, feel free to post them below!

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