Those hand sanitizers you may have certainly come in handy I mean after all germs are everywhere, this article is not a scare tactic, it's just reality and good information to be aware of.

Studies found on the website  state on average adults alone touch approximately 30 objects within a minutes time which includes things like light switches, remote controls, doorknobs etc...

In public places it's more the big deal versus at home, for one your body is basically immune to those germs at home and easy access to washing up.

According to scientists some of the germiest surfaces to avoid or maybe think to protect yourself from (and some of these may surprise you):

  1. Lemon wedges at restaurants
  2. Restaurant menus
  3. Bathroom door handles
  4. Money
  5. Condiment dispensers
  6. Grocery carts
  7. Soap dispensers
  8. Airplane bathrooms
  9. Doctor's office

Bottom line is no matter where you go or what you touch, there's germs. We really never know where someone else hands have been.

When possible wash those hands just to be safe, grocery shopping, doctor's office or even going out to dinner germs are there waiting to jump on you.

Germs, like many things you don't think about because when their out of sight their out of mind.

Attached is a video with a few other things I didn't mention and offer a few things to keep in mind.