Lookout here it comes and it's moving on the dance floor as fast as you can blink, It's The Gangnam Style by popular Korean Rapper Psy.

For many years we have witnessed and learned many different type dances, The Twist, Ballroom Dancing, The Freddie, The Robot, The Cabbage Patch, The Watusi, The Electric Slide, many different type line dances but now the newest craze is The Gangnam Style.

I guess the easiest way to define it is a Korean Hip-Hop style with very unusual dance moves. In Korea 'Gangnam Style' is defined as a luxurious lifestyle, the posh, trendy class that are hip and have that certain swag. The proper pronunciation in English i s"Kungnum Style".

About a month after its initial release which was July 15th, 'Gangnam Style' officially won first-place in the Korean music television program Music Bank scoring a total of 18,601 points.

Interestingly enough what started to be stupid looking suddenly turned cool. I 'll let the video speak for itself. Get ready America it's time to 'Gangnam Style' because it's making noise worldwide.