Sometimes buying for that special guy can be a chore and well vice versa but if you think outside the box it can be loads of fun because these type gifts aren't the same old same old if you catch my drift.

Let's have some fun and shop shall we?

  • Let's say your man loves liquor, instead of getting him the same bottle of his favorite brand try taking him wine tasting or they even have scotch tastings. Mind you these are just tastings and another great gift outside the box would be a D.I.Y beer kit or wine kit. It's fun and something you can call your own and share. Be creative with your own labels too.

  • dunikowski,Flickr
  • You can always do what my wife did and that was kidnap me (on my birthday), she took me too a neat lodge that had a murder mystery going on and we dressed the part. She was advised ahead of time on the specifics and we were ready for a night of intrigue that also included a five piece dinner. You can essentially tell him to simply pack a bag and be ready for the adventure.
  • A few ideas can go a long way and it doesn't have to be overwhelming.