Instead of the usual tie, laptop case, cologne or gift card, why not try some of these quirky and fun gifts for Dad?

Candy is Dandy

There is nothing like biting off the top of a Nick'l Nip or peeling the candy buttons off the waxed paper. A company called Candy Crate specializes in retro candy boxes and you can pick by decade. The boxes range from the 1940's to the 1990's. My dad was born in 1948, so the 1950's were kind of his heyday when it comes to sugary goodies. Every candy box contains over 50 pieces of candy and weighs over two pounds. If you're good maybe Dad will even share!

Casio Calculator Watches Are Cool Again

Who knew? Remember the kids in school who had the Casio calculator watches that they had to turn in on math quiz day? My dad wore one of these and I don't know how I feel but, they're back and cooler than ever. The new watches mix modern technology with the old school look. If your dad (or husband) has a thing for the classics and is a bit of a tech geek, this is the gift for you.

Vinyl Chic

Does your Dad love music? Mine does and has quite the vinyl collection to prove it. More and more stereos are being manufactured nowadays without turntables, and Crosley gets that technology is moving fast, so they make turntables and record players that play vinyl, but they're also able to play mp3s.

What Are You Getting Your Dad for Father's Day?