Move over NFL and NHL, there’s a new sport that makes football and hockey players look like wussies.

You’ve seen it at The Minnesota Renaissance Festival and thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool.” But it doesn’t just happen there, apparently there’s an entire sport dedicated to FULL CONTACT JOUSTING! Now The National Geographic Channel is bring these burly braggarts right into our basement Man-Cave in full HD with the new series ‘Knights of Mayhem’.

World Champion Charlie Andrews is the founder of the Ultimate Jousting Championship organization (UJC) and is the self-proclaimed leader of the movement. These stalwart souls head into battle across the United States, and the series follows Charlie and his troupe on their quest to launch the sport into the professional arena.

The premiere episode, aptly titled ‘First Blood’ airs Tuesday night (11/15) at 8pm and unveils the would-be knights as they arrive for weeks of intensive training in Texas. Now this is a real man’s sport.