If you're on Twitter, you see the trending topics and hashtags. Some are lame, some are cool. This one is one of the better trending topics. A High School student in New York city, and Adrian Peterson fan, has been batting a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma that has been attacking his bones since February of 2011.

Ryan Calcagno/Twitter

Seventeen-year-old Blake Cognata was sitting in his hotel bed when he got a phone call last night from Adrian Peterson. Yes, the AP. His friends started a Twitter campaign, #APCallBlake, on Monday to get AP to give Blake a call to his hospital room.

While their conversation was quick, Blake said they talked about faith and AP encouraged him to not give up. Blake was getting his last round of chemotherapy when doctors found out that every bone in his body now has this rare form of cancer. The call ended with AP telling Blake he could call him whenever he needed someone to talk to and gave him his cell phone number.

How cool is it that Adrian took time out of his schedule to make the call. Yes it was only five minutes and it's not like he needed to prep for a game this weekend, but it's not required of him. He went above and beyond to brighten this kids day, and that is pretty awesome of AP!