When meeting someone for the first time, the initial attraction plays a major part in accepting a date. But how much does the appearance matter? A New dating show is about to change how the game of dating is played.

I am a big believer in personality over looks. Someone could be attractive, but a horrible personality. Or a wonderful personality but maybe lacks in the looks department. I'd rather have the personality over looks. That's the point of "The Choice," a new dating show on FOX.

Yes, they know that they are ripping off "The Voice," but I think this dating show is much better than any other dating show. Here's how the show will work, much like "The Voice."

Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will "audition" for four single celebrities, who will be seated in the chairs. Like "The Voice", the stars will be faced away from the contestants at the beginning. The contestants will talk about themselves, and if a celebrity likes what they hear, they pull their "love handle," and their chair spins around. If two stars are interested, the contestant gets to choose one of them.

Each celebrity will choose three potential matches and then there are two additional rounds, where the celebrities whittle it down to the one they want to go on a date with.  There's no word on what kind of "celebrities" are doing this.

"The Choice" premieres June 7th. The host will be Cat Deeley.

I'm curious to see who the celebrities are for this show! Adam Levine from "The Voice" is now single, why didn't I get an e-mail asking me to audition for a date with him?!?!!

Here is the Promotional Video for "The Choice."

Is this something you would watch, or do you feel there is enough reality T.V. shows already on the air?

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