"The mother of all evil is speculation."   --  Gordon Gekko

You aren't crazy. Everything is costing more. Here are four things that are going up in price in 2011.

From Wallet Pop:

Groceries - The USDA is speculating that there will be a two to three percent increase in all food this year. That's due to higher corn and soybean prices. Food prices jumped by almost six percent in 2008.

Clothes - Cotton is 80% more expensive than it was at this time last year and some clothing companies plan to increase their prices by ten percent this year.

College - It's a must in today's world and this year, tuition at private schools are going up by five percent. Public colleges are increasing tuition by eight percent.

Gas - The former president of Shell Oil is speculating that gas could be as much as FIVE DOLLARS A GALLON by the end of the year. Let's all hope he's wrong.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana