is only 33-years-old, but his fears of forgetting who his wife and daughters are, is real.

Utecht was a standout tight end at the University of Minnesota and won a Super Bowl as a member of the Indianapolis Colts before retiring from football at just 29-years-old.

Utecht was forced to retire in 2009 from playing pro ball after suffering a number of concussions. Utecht is now 33-years-old and dealing with the symptoms of memory loss related to the concussions suffered from his time playing football.

Utecht said, “These are real fears,”... “At 33, I’m not facing some of the symptoms, or the level of symptoms, that some of the players are in their early 50s. But the fears of that happening are real. And that’s what the letter was about.”

The "letter" Utecht is referring to, is the song he wrote for his wife and daughters called "You Will Always Be My Girls". He wrote the song in case his symptoms become so bad, that one day, he may forget who his wife or little girls are... grab a tissue and listen to the song.

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