Cat got your thumb?

A man in suburban Indianapolis put the "ow" in meow when he called police Thursday to report a cat bit him on his right thumb.

That's right, a grown man versus a cat.  Actually, it was a kitten.

Craig Wyatt's manliness score took a major hit when he called the boys in blue after a kitten in a woodpile chomped down on his digit while he tried to string a tie around its neck. It's unclear if he owned the cat.

He called the police because a kitten bit his thumb.  I would think that if you're the kind of guy that chops down trees - you would be able to tolerate a kitten bite.  Craig Wyatt DEFINITELY loses his man card.

By the time cops raced to the scene, the cat was tied to a tree. An officer who took down the report said the kitty was "very calm and nonaggressive unless it was provoked."

That's the way most cats are, Dummy!

Authorities removed the cat, while Wyatt filed "a bite report." Despite the legal precautions taken, we're pretty sure the feline won't face any charges.

However, Craig Wyatt is facing charges for being a big sissy.