I'm all for getting smarter. Just not sure I'm willing to eat some of these foods to make it happen. 

Beets: Not a big fan. My dad was a sugar-beet farmer, but those were a different kind of beets.

Anchovies:  Not even on a pizza. Next.

Eggs: They call them the perfect brain food.

Berries: Big brain boosters. Toss some in your cereal tomorrow!

Cayenne Peppers:  The hotter the better! Throw some in your eggs and imagine how smart you'll be by noon!

Brussels Sprouts: I like them, but I'm not very good at cooking them. Plus, I always thought it was brussel (without an S).  Learned something new today. Already smarter just talking about them.

Kale:  Keep saying I'm going to roast some kale to make chips. Haven't done it yet.

Apples: Yay!  I eat one every night with peanut butter. If I remembered my dreams, I'll bet I would be really smart in them!