We know what foods give us bad breath. But did you know there are foods that can actually FIGHT bad breath?  Here's a list:

Yogurt:  I know I should eat more of this for so many reasons, and here's one more. Unsweetened yogurt has active yogurt cultures that compete with other bacteria in your mouth. Yogurt also gives you healthier teeth.

Apples: It's a great dessert after a meal loaded with garlic. Apples have a lot of polyphenols, great for breaking down sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

Black or Green Tea: Both contain polyphenols, but green tea has a higher concentration because of how it's processed.

Parsley, Basil and Spinach: Sure, they get caught in your teeth, but they make you smell pretty.

Cherries and Lettuce: Both effective against a chemical called methyl mercaptan, which is released by bacteria in your mouth as they break down food particles.

Water: Easy enough. Bacteria that cause bad breath live best in a dry mouth. Stay hydrated.