Valentine's Day is Thursday and many couples are planning to go out for the big day. Feeding each other can seem romantic and sweet, but there are certain foods you two should never, ever feed each other.

If your sweetie is eating something that's very tasty, there are certain foods that are OK to feed the other, but spaghetti is never one of them. I've had some amazing spaghetti in my day and eating it can sometimes be a chore. You have to stab, swirl and then get it into your pie hole without getting sauce all over your face and noodles dripping out of your mouth. Good luck with that one. If the spaghetti really is that good, push your plate over and let them taste that way. Don't try and feed it to them.

One food that's super romantic is fondue. Whether it's cheese or chocolate, fruit or bread, a fondue restaurant always has low overhead lighting, candles on the tables and nice music and intimate seating. It's a recipe for romance, but the dips are scalding hot. I doubt you want him to get burning hot cheese on your chin or stain your dress with chocolate, so keep your fork to yourself.

I love me some barbecue. So does Glen. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork. All of it. Delicious. But, again; it's messy as all get out and should probably be your last resort if you're looking for a high romance factor on Valentine's Day, unless you're going to be doing carry out and eating it at home while watching bad TV together. Now, that's love. Feed each other all you want then, but if you're going to go grab some barbecue at a local restaurant, please, oh please, don't feed it to each other.

A big, hot, delicious, juicy burger never ceases to make me happy, but that doesn't mean I want Glen to feed me a bite. I love lots of toppings on my burger a la the infamous Burger King Whopper, but I don't want Glen feeding me a burger and all of those delicious toppings to slide down my chin and into my lap. Slicing off a hunk and stabbing it with your fork to hand to me, yes. Feeding me across the table? No.