Those of us that are parents, are very protective of our kids.  The thought of anyone harming, touching, or picking on our kids in any way, is tough to take.  We worry about our kids getting bullied by other kids - but we shouldn't have to worry about our kids getting picked on by their teacher.

A teacher in Florida has badly crossed that line.

7th grader Jazlyn Freel is a talkative girl.  She admits to being a little chatty during science class.  She was warned once to be quiet.  She did not get a second warning.

Instead, her teacher walked over to her, and taped her mouth shut with packing tape! Aren't teachers supposed to be a little more patient than that?  The story gets better.

Jazlyn pulled the tape halfway off of her mouth for a moment, so she could cough.  The teacher then, rushed over, taped her mouth shut again - this time even tighter, and told her,"What goes on in my classroom, stays in my classroom".

Apparently, the teacher didn't realize that intimidation tactics like that - don't usually work in front of an entire classroom full of kids.  Several students, including Jazlyn, went home and told their parents about the incident.  In fact, it turns out that this teacher had taped kids' mouths shut before.  Now, that teacher is unemployed.

I think that is the right call, here.  If you are a teacher - and you can't deal with kids talking in class - you need to find a new profession, period.

If they did that to me, I would've had to have my mouth taped shut every day.  And that would've been painful, because I've had a mustache since 5th grade!
Here's the original news report from WSVN-TV