A lot of rain in a very little span of time created havoc on the commute home Tuesday evening. Heavy rains began to fall around 3:30pm and increased in intensity and volume during the next 2 hours. So much so that St. Cloud Police barricaded several major thoroughfares along the Division corridor. Two Townsquare media employees just happened to be out in the chaos and shot these amazing photos.

Crews set up barricades to keep people out of the affected areas.

Officially they measured only half an inch at the airport (?!)- At the station we recorded about an inch, but we've had listeners report more:
-2" in Sauk Rapids
-3" at 25th Avenue
-3" at 10th Avenue North
-4 1/2" at 7th Avenue South

Videographer Steven Sohlstrom of FlightFlash.com documented some of the flooding.

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