I've always thought that nagging works. Not because my mother nagged my father, but because I have watched Friends way too many times and that's what Monica did to get Chandler to cooperate. Well, I stumbled upon some reasons why we shouldn't nag our partners. 

It Can Make Him Feel Mothered - If your mom is the nagging type, you know how annoying it is. If he feels like he's being mothered, it can lead to resentment and irritation which in turn can lead to your man acting like a rebellious teenager.

It Make You Feel Ignored - According to the Wall Street Journal, we women feel like we have to nag because we are more programmed to manage life around our homes. If your repeated requests go ignored, we can feel like unheard and irrelevant. If nagging isn't getting your man to cooperate, try another approach.

It Can Lead to Arguments - Arguments are no fun. It creates awkward tension and finger pointing and the arguments become about the nagging, not the real underlying issues such as trust and responsibility. Instead of making him your enemy, try and see his side of things and help him see your side. Maybe he's overworked and stressed or maybe you're juggling too much and need some help. The key is to just communicate.

It Can Lead to Toxicity - The above mentioned trust and responsibility issues can lead to both questioning the relationship and can make you like you feel like you don't want to see the other person.You should look forward to seeing the other and not dread their presence.

It Can Suck the Fun Out of Everything - Think of all of the time and energy you may spend nagging and arguing about nagging. That's time and energy you could spend having fun doing your favorite activities. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a cozy dinner and not fight all the time?