We all know that APPS can be dangerous for our children. These five APPS are very dangerous for our kids. It would be a great idea to make sure your children do not have these Apps on their devices.


Kik is very popular with tweens, even though it wasn't created for kids under the age of 13. The App has no parental controls. Kik is an instant messaging App, similar to texting, but users have the option to also speak with groups, individuals, and  can also send pictures and files. It is basically texting and pictures in a social environment, and is quite often visited by sexual predators. Kik is rated as a 17+ App.


Yik Yak is an anonymous messaging App, that allows users to send messages and pictures without their name. This has led to huge problems of cyber bullying. With this App, the message stays, and can be posted anywhere on the internet, and this can lead to even more trouble , such as inappropriate photos being spread around the internet and increased reach abusive or inflammatory messages.


One social media service that has become very controversial is this one. Anonymous interactions have become worrisome for parents. The app uses a Q & A format, in which people are encouraged to post questions that anyone using the app can answer. Bullying can happen, and anyone on the app has the ability to block other users.


This is an anonymous app where users post confessions. Only age 17 and older should be using the app, and the app can expose the user's location.


This app helps kids hide content from parents. It also looks like a utility folder, so it's easy to overlook on our kids phones.