Ladies, if you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your man, let this list serve as a guide. A nice accessory for a man is like a new bag or pair of shoes for us. It's an unexpected treat that may put a spring in your step.

Wallet - If you forget your wallet, more often than not, you're hosed because it's such a crucial possession. If your man's billfold is cracked, fraying, stuffed with receipts or just junky looking, a bi-fold wallet is a great idea. A nice black or brown wallet will look great in the back pocket and is slim enough to fit in an inside pocket of a suit coat.

Shades - Guys look hot in shades. It gives an air of mystery to the man and it protects his eyes from UV overexposure which can lead to corneal damage. Ray-Ban aviators are sexy. Remember Maverick from Top Gun and how hot he looked?

Pen - A nice pen is an often overlooked accessory. They are great for jotting down a phone number or signing a receipt. They are also fantastic when we can't find one in our purse because it's like the Bermuda Triangle.

Messenger Bag - It's NOT a purse. A messenger bag carries an iPad or laptop, books and papers. If you incorporate lotion, Tylenol, fingernail clippers etc. THEN it's a purse.