My family and I made our first visit to Target Field home of the Minnesota Twins this past Sunday afternoon.  I'm a HUGE baseball fanatic and can't believe its taken almost two years for us to visit this beautiful stadium in downtown Minneapolis.  I must confess I'm not a diehard Twins fan but did buy a Twinkies t-shirt to mark the occasion.

Macy Lynn with Rod Carew (Chad Taylor)

What we encountered outside Target Field was more than I expected.  I've been to plenty of ballparks around the country but none as "fan friendly" as this.  There were so many things to see and do even before we entered the gate.  Macy got a chance to participate in the "Super Fan Makeovers" that they do periodically throughout the season.  We met a talented woman named Deb Peitso of Coon Rapids.  She was getting the kids ready for the big game and having a ton of fun in the process.  She's been working with the Twins organization since 2006 and loves being apart of  the pre-game festivities.

Deb Peitso's artwork (Chad Taylor)

Macy loved the Target team but didn't do so well when it came to Twins trivia lol.  In her defense we are "Rays" fans and I know she would have rocked that category.

Macy Lynn doing Twins Trivia (Chad Taylor)

She also got to hook up with "Louie the Loon" and the rest of the famed Target Field Mascots.

Macy hanging with Louie the Loon (Chad Taylor)

Everyone we encountered with the Twins staff greeted us with a smile and pointed us in the right direction.  From the friendly staff outside to the guest services team inside.  We were so impressed with how they made every "fan" feel special and how important it was to them that we had a great overall experience.   My mother in law has trouble walking long distances and requires a walker in situations like this.  We purchased wheel chair accessible seating in section 202 and met Karen Sneed of Wayzata almost immediately after locating our seats.  She wanted to make sure we knew about the great dining that was located around our section and even offered up some suggestions (her favorites)... which by the way ended up being delicious. After we told her it was our first visit, she pointed out things of interest around the field and kept checking on us periodically to make sure we were having a great time.  She's been with the Twins organization for over four years and managed to look past the fact we were wearing our "Rays" hats lol.

Karen Sneed and my family (Chad Taylor)

If you're looking for good quality family entertainment, spend an afternoon or evening with the Minnesota Twins.  We can't wait to come back next month for the Rays game and promise to cheer for the "Twinkies" whenever their not playing Tampa Bay.

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