Okay, here we go approaching the front door to his parents house to spend your first Thanksgiving with them. The nerves are rattling, you're starting to perspire, you're knees are shaking but it's probably not as bad as you think or is it?

You're probably thinking, will they like me, will they ignore me, what should I do, how do I handle this new experience in my life?

Never fear, Mark Alan is here, now let's get started:


A nice gesture is to maybe bring the hostess a gift, a bottle of wine, something you baked for the occasion, it in no way needs be expensive. It's the thought that counts and it shows you were glad for the invite. First Impressions are always a good thing in this case.

When the cooking gets going, the dad is probably in his chair snoring. It's okay to offer to help throughout the whole event. offer to help in the kitchen, help bring out dessert, maybe help clear off the table. Go ahead dive right in, at least they'll think you want to be a part of their family holiday.

Regardless of your personality have some fun, show you have good manners, be a part of the conversation ( they want to get to know you), however; take it easy on the cocktails, you don't want all your sweet little self to come crashing down, at the same time don't be afraid to shine.

Be independent and mingle with the family and friends that may be invited as well, in other words; don't cling to your guy. Spread those wings and fly and bond with the others. The relationship with the family starts to form and you're good to go.


Wow, I'm stuffed and you maybe too, the food , the company was great, you had a good time, it was all worth the invite. Before you leave and this is very important: Say Thank You. The appreciation in your words will never be forgotten.

All these tips will definitely win them over and the invites will be endless.