A beautiful eight-year-old girl from Oklahoma named Natasha Fuller has been living with her grandparents in Wisconsin for the last two years, so she can get dialysis in Milwaukee while she waits patiently for a kidney transplant. She has a rare disorder where your stomach muscles don't develop right. So it causes all kinds of problems, and she needs a transplant or she could die. Luckily she has a guardian angel in her first grade teacher.

Her teachers name is Jodi Schmidt, and she recently decided to donate one of her kidneys, got tested, and they were a match. And the way she delivered the amazing news to Natasha's family was special in every single way. She asked her grandmother to come into school, and gave her a pink box with a note inside that said, "It's a MATCH." She immediately knew what it meant, and broke down in tears.

Read more on the story and watch the video HERE. Thanks to USA Today for sharing this amazing story.

Jodi Schmidt