Working in Radio, I get asked a lot of Hollywood questions. Is so and so still dating? When is so and so getting married? Are so and so related?

I sadly don't know the answer to everything. (Shocking I know!) But I can tell you GOOGLE is a wonderful thing. It seems to know everything!

Recently I was asked if Avril and Adam were related. Both are singers, but no they are not. Avril spells her last name Lavigne, and Adam spells his Levine. Just like Jim and Mariah. Jim Carrey and Mariah Carey are also not related. Last names sound the same, but spelt differently. I can tell you Melissa and Jenny McCarthy are cousins, though!

Fresh off her Emmy win, "Mike & Molly's" Melissa McCarthy is related to Jenny McCarthy! Pretty cool, huh?! After Melissa won the Emmy for lead actress in a comedy Sunday night, Jenny Tweeted,

"Congrats to my cousin Melissa McCarthy on her Emmy win!!"

Melissa, 41, and Jenny, 38, grew up about 40 miles from each other in Illinois. They've even collaborated in the past. In 1997, Jenny booked Melissa, who was then an unknown comic, for an appearance on her self-titled MTV show.

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