Fairy Gardens are all the rage right now...and It's funny the things that I see when I visit places like Fairview Gardens, to see all of the neat yard decor that is being used today. Many of the things that are popular today, you could find in my Grandmothers back yard in the 1950's!!!!!.


Above is a picture of my Grandmother, Laura Grow, with one of her creations she made back in the mid 1950's.  I wish we could walk through my Grandma Grow's gardens and paths together, so you could see all the beautiful things that she created.  She would take cement, rocks, broken glass, wood...anything that she could find that could resist the weather, and she would create these outdoor masterpieces.


It's amazing to me because my Grandma didn't use any electric saws or tools...She used her bare hands! In this picture you see the castle she created...but if you'll look in the background, you can see some of the other magnificant creations... like a wishing well, or the rock wall.


She had patios,  bird baths, ponds, treasure chests... I know that my mom and her sisters would have to collect the rocks and such for her to build these creations. What fascinates me about my Grandmother, is she created these in her mind, and then just made them! No measurements or drawings....just creativity from the mind...into art.



Kelly Cordes 2014


Above you can see one of the areas she created in her yard....She built this beautiful rock bridge along the ditch line...She created a bridge to cross over to the County Road.  In the very back, she had a rock wall, with water falls, that would carry water through the little town, and it would wind around until it flowed out into a pond area.

A path wound through the woods all the way to the front garden area. Along the path she would have hidden treasures, and other areas that were filled with little details that you had to look for. My cousins and I loved playing along these trails, and we couldn't wait to see what else Grandma would create.


Kelly Cordes 2014


Above you can see pictured the castle (left), and then other creations that she made...Her hanging baskets of flowers to the right, and there was so much more. My mother has a great creative mind for gardening too. After she gets her gardens up this year, I'll be posting her creations as well. My mother incorporates some of Grandma's garden items, which makes it even more special.