Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend with family and friends. My family and I attended mass at St. Francis in Sartell, ate a hearty breakfast at Perkins and wrapped it up with a Thanksgiving style dinner at home. There's nothing better than spending time with family and enjoying each others company. I think we all at times, take that quality time for granted and forget that those are precious times we can never get back. I'm learning quickly, that kids grow up fast and before you know it, you're sitting by yourself in an empty house wishing you could go back in time.

I'm guilty as charged. I woke up this morning feeling guilty for hiding out downstairs after we ate dinner instead of spending those extra couple hours with the family. I know it's very important to have "me" time but I've been doing way too much of that recently. I leave a lot of the "kid" things to my wife and I selfishly hibernate on my recliner watching baseball or getting lost in whatever book I'm reading that week.

So its time to put the focus back on family and work on creating lasting memories :) The recliner can wait and the book isn't going anywhere. I'm very blessed to have my wife and kids. They support me in everything I do and have sacrificed so much over the years, so I could further my career. Tracy, Macy, Tyler, Makenzie and Jon here's to all of you.....thanks for being in my life and for loving me unconditionally.

How many of you spend "Quality" time with the family on a daily basis?