I love random polls that make no sense!! I mean really, what are the odds that this would ever happen...not the power outage aspect, but the hanging out with a celebrity...

After millions of people lost power in the wake of Hurricane Irene, GE Generator Systems took a poll, asking families who they would want to spend time with in the event of a power outage.

Ellen Degeneres was the winner with 21% of the votes!

Not that I don't love Ellen, which I do...Personally, I would love to hang out with Ty Pennington. Hot man, knows how to fix things...lets do it! Not literally, he seems like a really cool dude to spend some time with.

I actually got to speak to Ty on the phone once. I was working for an AM station down in the cities when he was on a show that our station carried. I called in and spoke to him! He asked what I was wearing! I was only 19 at the time, so of course I was all bubbly and telling him my outfit... Then, I saw him the next day at the MOA, hello hotness! He even remembered me! Pretty sure he wanted to ask me out on a date ;)

So, if your power was out, what celebrity would you like to spend time with?

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