The Salvation Army and Mix 94.9 need your help.

Tonight we are teaming up with the Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill in Sartell to assist needy families in our local area. From 4 to 8pm, 10 percent of all sales and 100 percent of all tips earned will go directly to the Salvation Army.

This is personal for me because several years ago, I was poor and didn't have money for food. I survived solely on grocery vouchers from the Salvation Army. I didn't tell anyone I knew that I was going to the food shelf and would shop in the middle of the night so no one would see me using the vouchers. The Salvation Army was the only reason I had food in my stomach and every year I find a way to help them and give back.

When you put money in the kettle this holiday season, or drop a few bucks for dinner tonight, you aren't going to know who you're helping, but just know that you could be helping a friend, a neighbor, a relative, a fellow church member, or your local morning drive disk jockey.

I hope to see you there.