Say it isn't so! They're doing it to me again. Threatening to cancel my favorite show!

If you haven't seen "Drop Dead Diva," you've been missing out. It's one of the best shows out there. Many people aren't aware of it, probably because it's on Lifetime. But it's worth a watch. In fact, I suggest finding it online and starting from the beginning. It's one of those shows that's much better if you know the story from the start.

And where is the petition to keep it going? Do petitions even help? Where do I sign?

They had planned on cancelling it once before, but it was saved for a couple more seasons. Now they're saying it will end after this upcoming season that starts on March 23rd. However, there is some hope.

Creator Josh Berman is hopeful that the show will be picked up by another network, or even picked up again by Lifetime.

Fingers crossed. And toes.