I was devastated a couple of months ago when they announced that Drop Dead Diva was cancelled. Then I rejoiced the other day when they said the show was UN-cancelled! I guess there are a lot of other die-hard fans like me who made their voices heard!

What's so great about the show? The storyline. The actors. The humor. Here's how they describe the storyline: "The one-hour drama centers around the misadventures of aspiring model Deborah "Deb" Dobkins, who, after dying in a car crash, returns to earth in the plus-sized body of lawyer Jane Bingum"

Brook Elliott, who plays the main character Jane, is brilliant!  Funny and fabulous and I can't get enough of her! Plus, did you know she was born in Minnesota? I knew there was something extra special about her!

April Bowlby plays Stacy, and I laugh out loud at her character in every episode. She's a terrific actor and perfect for this part.

I could go on and on but it would take forever. I tell everyone who will listen about this show and I always encourage them to go online and start watching from the beginning. In fact, I never want this show to end. Who do I call to make that happen?

The new season of "Drop Dead Diva" begins this summer on Lifetime. Check it out!