Celebs in a way a very much like us non-celeb types, we pick and choose things for our lifestyle but one big difference when they want something they get it!Celebs can be very demanding when it comes to their request no matter how odd or different or even straight up for that matter. Below are some of the requests celebs want in their dressing rooms when on the road:

  • Taylor Swift : Butter,Twizzlers,Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Welch's Grape Juice, two pints of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt, Starbucks, and avocado and Smart water.
  • Rihanna: A leopard/Cheetah throw rug cleaned for her to walk on barefoot, white tulips only in a small square clear vase, six candles and her room has to be cloaked in dark drapes.
  • Lady Gaga:  Room needs to be fully stocked with wine, a humidifier, DVD player, Red Bull Light with ice, unscented candles, veggie hot dogs, a smoothie station with the works.
  • Eminem: Lunchables, soda, bottled water and two loaves of bread (white and wheat), jumbo shrimp, banana peppers, Red Bull (sugar free and regular) and has to have dumbells.
  • Mariah Carey: Has to have drapes everywhere, room temp of 75, warm fried chicken, melon-flavored Gatorade, sugar-free gum, vanilla scented candles, white roses, protein shakes and bottled water that has to be room temp (75 degress).

Very demanding, yes and weird dressing room requests, yes as well. Some will make the crowd wait if those things aren't in their rooms.

Taylor Swift, 'live' , "Red":