Your mom probably always said, “Don’t touch that. You don’t know where its been.” Yes cell phones, ATM key pads and toilet handles are all bacteria hot zones, but here are a few things you touch over the course of the day that you may not think are as germy as they are, but trust me, you’re going to want to wash your hands after you read this. 

Almost one fourth of all gas pumps are completely covered in germs. How many times have you pumped your gas, gone inside to pay, picked out a snack and drove off happily munching away without washing your hands? Keep some hand sanitizer in the car and keep it visible so you actually remember to use it.

The tables and booth seats get wiped down, but how often do you see the bus boy wiping down the menus? Probably never. Same goes for the drink and dessert menus at restaurants. They’re filthy. After your order, make sure you go and wash your hands before you eat dinner and before you eat dessert. The ketchup, mustard and salt and pepper shakers are also covered in germs. They’re used constantly and never wiped down, so again, keep the hand sanitizer handy and don’t forget to use it.

The Journal of Environmental Health did some pretty disgusting research and found 25 different microorganisms living on lemon and lime wedges that came with 21 different drinks. Among the bacteria was E. coli which comes from poop, so resist the urge to squirt that lemon on your shrimp and that lime on your chicken.

You see the free sample inside the shiny glass dome at the grocery store. You’re hungry and getting more voracious by the minute as you walk through the aisles. You want the free food because it looks so good, but hold on. You’ve been pushing that cart for how long? How many people have been through the store today touching that cart? How many other people (including kids) could have touched that shiny crystal dome and handled that free food? The Minnesota Department of Health says they did a study and it showed hand to food is how we get sick most often.

Think about how many things we touch every day. Restroom door handles, cell phones, desk phones, computer keyboards, escalators, ATM keypads and airplanes are all germ hot spots, so wash your hands properly and wash them often to avoid getting sick because germs can live for up to 18 hours on hard surfaces.