Ok, I get it. The man has worked hard for his money. Good for him. Did he really need to make a video of his new 757 Gold-Plated Fixtures to show us? NOPE. But, he did!

Check out some of the new 757's Features:

This thing has a passenger area that seats 43 people. Each seat has its own "audio-visual system", and all the fixtures, right down to the seat belt buckles are gold-plated.

There's a separate dining area, a main lounge, a guest area/bedroom and a Master bedroom adorned with, quote, "yards and yards of elegant gold silk." There's also a master Bathroom, complete with a shower.

There's a "VIP" area, which I thought flying on that plane would be VIP in itself. There are also three totally tricked-out home theater systems.

As for the video, Trump doesn't appear in it himself. Maybe he thought that if he was absent from it, he could create the illusion that he's NOT bragging about how rich he is.

The Apprentice's Amanda Miller gives a tour of Mr. Trump's 757

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