After she showed her latest collection at New York Fashion Week, Gwen Stefani talked about who should buy her clothes.

Gwen says that her ideal customer is fashion forward, an individual who needs her clothes to perform like classic sportswear. She enjoys fashion, loves style, likes to express herself and not look like everyone else.

After reading her comments, are you less likely to want to buy her clothing? As if we women don't have a hard enough time finding fashionable affordable clothes that are well made and fit properly as it is, now we have Gwen Stefani dictating who exactly can wear her clothes?

I really don't think that Gwen has any right to say who should be wearing her clothes. If that's the case, then don't sell them in stores. Be an appointment only retailer. When we come in to buy your overpriced rags, you can look at us, judge us, and then tell us if we're good enough to wear your clothes.

Gwen has her own fashion label called L.A.M.B., by the way and has been designing rock and roll inspired clothing and shoes since 2003. Do you think we should expect back peddling from Gwennie any time soon?