Since the St. Cloud State men's hockey team did not advance to the Frozen Four in Tampa Bay, Florida, I've got a hole burning in my pocket.

My fiance Dave and I decided to still go on a mini vacation with the money we'd saved in hopes SCSU would make it to the sunshine state. We're going on a baseball vacation to Kansas City, Kansas instead. I've never been to the state, and the Twins are playing three games there this weekend. It's going to be above 60 degrees both days and sunny. It seems like a baseball dream to a Minnesotan like me.

Our home opener this year isn't going to get so lucky. It's going to be slightly warmer than 40 degrees and cloudy for the game on Monday, April 11. I'm still going to attend the Twins home opener--even if that means I need to pack an extra layer and wear a sweat shirt.

Will the chilly weather be a deciding factor in whether you go to the game?