Alrighty then, are you ready for the return of the 80's (?), because they are back and I mean full speed ahead!


One of the big styles of the 80's was leggings, well their back with a major vengeance, a massive rage. they will also work as a great stocking stuffer should you maybe lack ideas as to what to put in one besides candy.

The colored jeans trend has hit full force too but we'll cover that in another story. All this coming from a man's point of view, so to really get your pants to rock - n - roll these Do's and Dont's should help:

  • Clingy - ( A Don't) - Try not to get too clingy on top if possible simply put too tight all over is not flattering, and believe me your size has nothing to do with it.
  • Riding Boots - (A Do) - Proportion is a key to wearing them correctly, and also if you wear, say riding boots that look on you gets two thumbs up, that look is overwhelming to the point of perfection.
  • Short Skirt - (A Don't) - The 'wearing leggings with a short skirt' look carries no class of style whatsoever, keep in mind if your crotch and also your bottom aren't covered, you might re-think and get a different top.
  • Oversized Top - (A Do) - Think of how to proportion you wardrobe to your size figure and a great example is to pair an over-sized top with your leggings and look will make your legs look skinny.

Let me ask you this, what are your thoughts on the return of the 80's fashion look? The attached video may also get you in the right direction when it comes to Legging Fashion.