Allright ladies, first and foremost you are beautiful and to highlight that beauty you use beauty products but there maybe some you don't really need.I get it, we all want silky skin, shiny hair, gorgeous nails etc...,however; there seems to be a lot of beauty products out there that say "they will do this and do that" to enhance your looks but tend to fall way short. Remember, "pretty is as pretty does."

Some products you can skip all together - guilt free. Here's a few:

  • Face toner - The new soaps out there don't leave a residue, so forget what the commercials tell you.
  • Anti-cellulite lotion - Seriously if these products worked, they would be hard to find in the store because everyone would be buying them and the gym's would go out of business.
  • High SPF lotion - Don't be fooled with these, you may think you got all that protection going with 75 SPF lotion and that's okay, but seriously anything over 50 (possibly 30) there's really no extra benefit.

Just a couple things to keep in mind, you are beautiful as is and don't let anyone tell you different.