Smoking and nail biting are two things that come to mind when I think of "bad habits" but a new Yahoo survey lists the top five bad habits that couples exhibit. 

Men Leave the Toilet Seat Up - It's dark. We're half asleep and we have to pee. We lower our tushie onto the freezing cold seat (or at least what we think is the seat) and PLOP! Right into the loo we go because our husband or our son left the toilet seat up. I'm fortunate that this has never happened to me, but wouldn't it be great if someone could invent a lid with a timer that after an appropriate amount of time it would put the seat down?

Women Can't Drive - Mens' chief complaint is that women don't know the basic rules of the road. Men also say that women always talk on the phone, tend to the kids and put on makeup behind the wheel. The respondents obviously have never followed me because I don't do that.

Men Don't Do Chores - This is a huge irritant for we women, particularly in a household where the man and the woman work an equal amount of hours outside of the home. Women say that a relationship should be a partnership of equal opportunity. Especially when it comes to chores. I have learned that asking the other to do something that they hate to do only breeds resentment. I hate taking out the trash, so that's Glen's job. I enjoy cooking, so that's my job and Glen and I have an agreement: If I cook, Glen cleans up the table and loads the dishwasher. Anything that can't go in the dishwasher, he washes and I dry it and put it away. I designed it that way so everything goes back in the right spot. See how that works?

Women are Late - Apparently nothing upsets men more than womens' poor punctuality. A lot of times, we're busy tidying up and running after the kids so we don't always get out of the house when we're supposed to, so tell us that the deadline for leaving is a half an hour before we absolutely have to leave. Problem solved.

Men Have a Death Grip on the Remote - I swear most men have ADD when it comes to the TV. You flip through the channels so fast, we can't even tell what's on. Why can't men just be like us and make a selection and leave it there? If men fall asleep in front of the TV, by the way, that's fair game for us to steal the remote and watch what we want. The only real solution I have here is to get two TVs, so men can channel surf to their heart's content on one and we can just pick a channel and leave it there on the other.

Women Take Forever to Get Ready - If we are going to a social function, we want to look nice for you, thus we need sufficient time to get ready. How about men just get ready and have some snuggle time with the remote control while we primp and preen?

Men Have Poor Personal Hygiene - Brad Pitt may be able to rock the three day stubble, but you can't. I'm not a huge fan of whisker burn and neither are most women.  I don't mind facial hair. Glen has a goatee, but it's soft and springy to the touch. The survey suggests that if men want to grow a beard, let us know so we don't accidentally brush up against you and get the dreaded whisker burn.

Women Are Too Critical in Public - If your child does something inappropriate in public it's fine to scold them, but men say there is nothing worse than a verbal tongue lashing in public. I agree. If your man is acting like a boob, sometimes "the look" is enough to make him shape up, but wait until you're in private to dress him down. Especially if you know it may escalate. It's embarrassing for him and awkward for passersby.

Men Can't Dress - Not all men fall into this category, but camouflage is not appropriate for church. Even if you are Ted Nugent. How about this? You can wear nice jeans or khakis and a button down shirt for church and brunch and when we get home, you can change clothes and get into your beat up Twins t-shirt and favorite jeans.

Women Leave Their 'Female Things' All Over the Bathroom - Men may be the messier gender by nature but I will admit I leave my bras to dry over all of the doorknobs to the bathroom, the stool and walk in closet. I also have bath salts, bubble bath, a bathtub pillow, shave gel, a razor and a rubber ducky on the ledge of the soaking tub. In the shower I have four different kinds of shampoo, my conditioner, another razor, body wash and scrubby puff. Then I keep my lotion, eye makeup remover, comb, pony tail holders, bobby pins and flat iron on the bathroom counter. Fortunately, we have a large double sink in our bathroom which is handy because Glen and I get ready at the same time in the morning. I am also lucky because Glen is very patient as I am awful with the bathroom clutter. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this problem. Yes, I could put it all away, but I may need it.

So, I've come clean. What about you? Do you do any of these "bad" habits?