Do your clothes tell the world something you are trying to hide? Chances are the answer is yes, but you aren't aware of it. 

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgertner says that our wardrobe choices tell others about our secret desires that we don't want people to know about. In her new book, You Are What You Wear, she pretty much says that we women wear our issues on our sleeves. Literally.

Too much cleavage? That says "I'm power hungry and want to control everything." Over the top jewelery? That says. "I'm insecure and have money issues." Women who button up are saying, "Being feminine is weak." Super high heels can make women appear less intelligent, but inspire confidence because heels make us as tall or taller than our male counterparts. A young girl who puts on a mini-skirt shows that they are seeking attention, while a woman of 35 who wears a mini-skirt could also be seeking attention, but is also saying, "I'm having trouble accepting being grown up."

The good Doctor says, "All of our behaviors from the food we eat to the people we date is all triggered by internal factors," and that apparently includes the clothes we wear to the way we buy them. Dr. Baumgartner says you should track your shopping habits or note the styles in your wardrobe and identify your patterns.

So, how often do you shop? How long will you wear an item of clothing (provided that it still fits)? Are you more about style or are you all about comfort?