Is it possible to balance work, kids, activities and home life and not feel guilty? The COO of one of the biggest companies in the world says no. 

One of the most powerful COOs in the country is Sheryl Sandberg. You may not know her name, but you certainly know the company she works for. She is Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and she is talking about being a woman who "has it all". She has a good paying executive job and is a mother of two. She is also one of the more outspoken woman advocate for women in the workplace and doesn't pretend that it's easy. Sheryl says, "There's work, and there's life and there's no balance."

In an interview with the new PBS and AOL series, Makers that the most important thing is to marry the right person who shares family responsibilities. She says she feels guilty when her son says, "Put down the Blackberry and talk to me" and that happens far too much. She says that she thinks all women feel guilty and what's interesting is she doesn't know too many men who feel guilty.

So, working moms, sound off. Do you feel guilty? Dads, do you also feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids? Do you agree that there's no balance between work and family? Do you try and find a balance anyway?