If you are familiar with Quentin Tarantino movies then you know there can be a lot of action and let's face it, blood. Be ready to be highly entertained as you enjoy your popcorn and sit back for this movie.

This film setting is in the South and a couple years prior to the civil war where we find a  Django (Jamie Foxx) who comes literally face-to-face with a bounty hunter Christoph Waltz (Dr. Schultz) as they set out to hunt down Dr. Schultz's bounty.


Django straps on the guns in 'Django Unchained' and his main mission is to free his wife Broomhilda (Carrie Washington) from the slavery driven Calvin Candie (Leonardo DeCaprio) who has a member of his staff train the slaves on his plantation to battle each other strictly for sport.

The film is playing at the Parkwood Cinemas so be sure to check them out for showtimes. The film runs approximately 2 hr 45 min and is rated R.

My brother Brett Martin (a long-time member of the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association). He has interviewed nearly every A-list movie star in the past 10 years) has a great review of the film for to get in the know before you go. For his other reviews click on his name.