I don't know if we should be creeped out or grossed out. Maybe both.

For some odd reason, Hulk Hogan decided to Tweet a picture of his daughter Brooke. No big deal right?! Well is was really about the caption. The caption in question reads "Brooke's Legs" ... that's it. Really Hulk?!?!

He took it down after people started commenting that it was creepy; but as we all know, once something hits the internet, it's never truly gone. Gawker has the photo. Just click here if you want to view. Don't worry, its safe to look at. I am very jealous of her legs though! They are very tone! Gotta give her props for that. But that's not the issue. It's that her DAD tweeted the pic with that caption.

I guess he didn't learn his lesson. Back in 2008 someone took his picture while he was rubbing tanning lotion on Brooke's legs and butt. Yup, again creepy Hulk, just creepy.

Brooke did respond to Sunday's tweet:

My two cents? You can be proud of your daughter, and he may have meant it in a non-perverted way, but he could have worded the caption better. First off, it's more than just her legs in the picture. If you wanted to sound fatherly, you could have captioned the photo with "My beautiful daughter." That's not nearly as creepy as "Brooke's Legs"

What do you think? Is it creepy that he tweeted and captioned that photo?

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