A hot new trend sweeping the country is...."Post Nups".  According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, there's been a steady rise in the amount of married couples getting Post-Nuptial Agreements.  Couples have a lawyer draw up a post-nup to resolve issues that have come up since they've tied the knot.

The issues range anywhere from financial to whose family they visit over the holidays.  Some couples even have legal arrangements over little things like who does the dishes and what side of the bed they get to sleep on.  Is it me, or does this just seem way over the top?  It sounds like this could actually bring couples that much closer to an actual divorce!

There are no official stats for post-nups but five years ago a survey of AAML members found that half have seen an increase and some divorce lawyers today are doing post-nups for approx 10% of their clients.

Do you have a post-nup?  Would you have one done?