We all have been the victim to inflation, even the tooth fairy. When I was losing teeth the tooth fairy left me any where from a quarter to fifty cents and you?

In today's world the tooth fairy is said to be leaving $3.50 and up. That's better than any stock market performance. Too bad we don't have 100 teeth in our mouth by the time it's all said and done at that rate you'd have $350 for your savings account.

The $3.50 comes from a survey that was done by Visa, According to their results that's a 23 percent increase from 2012. Show me the money.

Delta Dental Plan Association's survey shows that in 2012 the average gift was $2.42 to $3.50 last year, up 45 percent. They also said the most common gift is a dollar.

Oddly enough if you're not sure how much to give Visa offers a tooth fairy calculator and the best part, it's free!

Just imagine the gift if our teeth were made of ivory.

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