One woman in Texas says she bought her daughter a talking doll baby at Toys R Us and she's none too pleased with what she heard. 

Rosie Pickens claims that the You & Me Interactive Triplet Dolls are teaching her child to swear. The dolls are supposed to interact with each other and speak baby talk and giggle, but she heard something else. Instead of cooing and happy baby noise, she said she heard the doll say, "OK crazy b****."

Toys R Us has offered her a store credit if she would like to bring the dolls back. Rosie says she wants the store to stop selling the dolls all together because she fears that her daughters and other children will mimic the dolls and start cussing.

The store has issued an official statement that says, "“Please be assured that we would not carry a doll that uttered profanity of any kind. We are aware that some customers believe they are hearing something else spoken by one of the dolls in the set, when, in fact, the doll is uttering baby babble.”