When you get into a fight with the person you love, sometimes you say things you either should have just kept to yourself, or didn't mean.

Perez Hilton has a bunch of reasons why Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up. Who knows which ones are true or not, but it sure does give us an inside look into how Taylor may be treating her men.

Here are a couple theories being passed along by Perez Hilton. One is that Taylor was too "intense" for Harry. She was jealous of his fans and his fame . . . and that he was still "openly close" with his ex-girlfriend, a girl named Caroline Flack.

Other sources said that while Taylor and Harry were fighting she blurted out, "You're lucky to even be with me."  That, supposedly, sealed the deal on their breakup.

Ah, yes . . .  that would be one of those things you blurt out that you may not have meant to say. I could see why Harry went running.

We all know most of Taylor's songs deal with her failed relationships, but I want someone that dated Taylor to write a song about HER! What's it like to date HER. We hear her side of the story, not its time to hear their side of the story!

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