It seems to be Beyonce news week.

With the hype of the Super Bowl and the Halftime Show wrapping up people still feel the need to keep the topic in conversation. Maybe people are bored or looking at things in too much detail, but the word now thanks to the Halftime Show is that Beyonce had a nose job.

The website put together a photo gallery of the evolution of her nose. I may not be a plastic surgeon, but I do know make up and what your nose looks like when you are taking a deep breath in using your nose instead of your mouth. In the picture from the show this weekend to me it looks just like that, taking a deep breath in from the nose. Hello, did you see her dance moves, its not like she was just walking slowly around the stage. I don't believe her nose is smaller because of plastic surgery.

In the other pictures, yeah her nose looks different, but so are the angles, the fact that she had a child, and even make up application has changed. I can make my nose look half the size it is due to contouring. It's all the hype now days.

What do you think? Did Beyonce get a nose job?

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