Many a time we embarrass ourselves in the public forum by either slip of the tongue, or lose train of thought or just aren't prepared when the red light comes on from the camera or we open the mic.

In reality shows it is what it is and in this case of a quick witted candidate on The X-Factor he managed to put judge  Demi Lovato in her place (Of course Brit Brit tried to throw the ball back in his court but to no avail really).

Seriously in the real world Demi needs to think before she speaks or the result, especially when it appears to be true,  it will come back to haunt you.

In the video watch Simon Cowell's reaction to the candidate's comeback on Demi and you witness what the candidate said is far from false.

I guess when you use autotune (which is audio processor that alters vocal pitch and intruments and even performances) you best keep it a secret.